What is Rosedale Studios?

Rosedale Studios is a new game development studio created by me( Anthony Padilla, aka Chaucer ), which is focused on creating unique, fun, and engaging games. Unlike a traditional game studio however, any code that I write while developing my games will become available to the public, so that others can use it to bring their own games to life!

Who am I?

While I admit I am not the most popular person out there, I have been in game development for some time, most of my time was spent helping others create their own projects, I started Rosedale Studios, as my own personal game studio where I can focus on projects that I want to create, as well as release the source code for said games! I have been developing games for over 10 years now, and in that time I have created, and helped create a many number of games. The name Rosedale Studios, was actually insprired by my first publicly released game, Rosedale! While it may not have aged well, I learned a great many things since it’s release, and I plan to put that knowledge to good use!

My Past Projects

While not all of the games on this list are developed by me( infact, of all the games, the only one I am solely responsible for is Rosedale ), I did have a part in creating each of these titles, most of the game mechanics( movement, combat, battle systems, etc.. ) used in each game, were written by me.

Also, I’d highly recommend checking out these games, and supporting the developers of them, as they are all great people, and amazing game developers!