The rose engine is a 3D game builder designed for rpg maker MZ( MV Coming soon ), this engine allows you to easily build 3D worlds! Design and build worlds in 3D space with a fully fledged 3D map builder plugin, which has a very small learning curve in comparison to unity, unreal or godot.

Colliders are automatic, and don’t need to be calculated on the users end whatsoever! Just build your world, and everything works right out of the box!

This plugin is just a base for bigger things to come! This plugin ( will ) provides full functionality of a default rpg maker MZ game, but in 3D space, and is very easy to setup and use. In the future there will be many addons available for the rose engine to allow you to create a variety of different types of games!

You can find a preview of the map editor, as well as a demo event map, which shows off several features of the rose engine in the links below.

Map Editor Demo

Event Map Demo

Screenshots & Videos:

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